How to get back to the Pole after a longer pause

It's not easy to train regularly. In my 5-years of Pole, I've gone through various life stages in which I haven't always managed to train consistently. I discovered Pole when going to Uni and when, obviously, I had a lot of free-time at [...]

The reason I am not wondering anymore

I wonder a lot. I wonder why so many Pole athletes are getting so much better in a much shorter time period than me. I wonder why I have so many tricks that I have been practising for years and which I still [...]

5 January Challenges that are still worth joining

Oh January, month of the good resolutions. The sports and nutrition challenges sprout from every Facebook and Instagram channel and it is actually hard to choose, whose help we choose to become fit and wonderful. Actually, I see challenges a little bit critical [...]

Meet … Doris Arnold

To me, Doris Arnold is the incarnation of sexy. I admire Doris Arnold for living her sexiness without shame and consideration for what others might think. I am very lucky and met  her live when I took a couple of her  workshops. I [...]