5 Tips to survive Pole Camp season with Britt Bloem

The Pole Camp season 2018 is gradually starting and it’s nice to see that the number of Pole Camps is increasing every year. Most of the European countries have their own Pole Camps and more and more Pole Studios offer relatively cheap weekend Pole Camps. I would love to train from Pole Camp to Pole Camp, that is how much I still love to think back to the RAD Pole Camp in Greece.

What keeps me excited about Pole Camps is the incomparable atmosphere. You are surrounded by like-minded people and focus on Pole Sport only for days. The exchange with the other participants and the variety of inspiration that you receive from the instructors, still motivates long afterwards. I think it’s great to get to know the Pole community in real life and for days, to indulge in the illusion that there really is nothing else in the world but Pole.

And yet a Pole Camp is of course incredibly exhausting. Very few people manage to train for 4-6 hours per day in their everyday life and I am always happy when I can still sit on my butt from day 2 onwards. That, of course, is when you have to pay the most attention to not hurting yourself due to muscle tiredness. Quite often, I have witnessed someone pulling their shoulder or falling of the Pole during the last workshops of a Pole Camp.

A big thank you to Britt Bloem, who taught at Pole Camp Germany this year, and who offers valuable tips on how to stay motivated and injury free throughout the Pole Camp season.



1. How many hours per week do you train and how do you structure your training?

This really depends. I try to train as often as possible, but if I have an injury, illness, severe muscle soreness, or stress, I prefer to skip it. I’ve learned that my training is most effective when I am fit and fully there with my mind. To train just because I have to, does not do me any good. On average, I’m on the Pole 3 or 4 times a week and then I can really power through.

I start my training session either with a Warm-Up Dance (Floorwork or Pole), or even with Stretching. Then, I usually have a goal, either I prepare workshops or a competition. I prefer to train freely without a fixed goal. This is when the best things happen.
I like to finish the training with intensive stretching.

2. How do you motivate yourself to train and how do you approach a complicated new move?

Because I do not train super often, I am always motivated. Sometimes, I have a move that I want to try. Usually, I then just start somewhere and look where it goes, depending on my mood. Or I let Instagram inspire / motivate me.

With a complicated new move, if I really want to learn it, I’m like a Pittbull. I can be super focused and repeat and repeat and repeat it. I will not let it go until it works.
For some complicated moves, I realize that it’s not my way of moving. Then I might decide to drop the move altogether or I try it again a few weeks later.

3. How would you prepare for a Pole Camp and several workshops per day?

Definitely eat lots of vegetables and protein. Try whether you can increase your training rhythm before the camp, so you do not have to go from 0 to 100.
Do not forget to pack your magnesium, grip and Tiger Balm. Check if your phone has enough memory space and make sure that you’re well rested, of course :)

4. What’s your tip for post-workout recovery?

My first choice is magnesium powder / tablets. And good, healthy food with lots of protein, vegetables, and enough carbohydrates. My personal recovery tip: a warm bath and sleeeeeeeep. Nothing works for me without enough sleep.

5. What can participants especially look forward to during your workshops?

I love spins and I have a lot of cool big spins for you. Spins can be easily combined with anything – floorwork, tricks, deadlifts, shouldermounts, other spins, and even flips. I also like to chop up dynamic tricks into small pieces, so that even the biggest chicken-hearts (like myself) dare to grow beyond themselves. And ‘shapes’ – figures and shapes (with or without splits) on the Spinning Pole, which we then fluidly connect with each other.

Thank you, Britt.

PS. Whoever is in or near Innsbruck – Britt will open a wonderful, luxurious Pole Studio – Aerial Amazons in May. Be sure to drop by and greet Britt.
PPS. Poleranking has a great overview of all Pole Camps worldwide. Look here, if you still look for vacations ideas.