My current Pole crush

Do you know Dan Rosen? I am following him for a really, really long time on Instagram now because I am a huge fan of his Pole style. I do not even know if he has his own Pole Studio (probably), but he definitely contributed to the Spin City Pole Bible and is often seen together with Sarah Scott and Charlotte Robertson (follow them, too, if you aren’t already).

Anyhow, Dan posts incredibly creative tricks and choreographies that are challenging, but still doable, and thus clearly is the number one of my Instagram video list “for later”.

Recently, Dan has launched two columns on his Instagram channel that are incredibly popular. Under “Dear Dan,” Dan posts requests he receives from the Pole community and answers them with a pinch of irony and cynicism. With “Susan,” Dan created the caricature of the annoying Pole student that everyone, literally everyone, has had in their Pole class, their Pole studio, or even had to share their Pole with. I am always fascinated by how much Dan hits the nail right on the head with every Susan post and how transnational the Susan character obviously is.

Definitely, go an check him out.

My top 3 “Dear Dan” posts:







My favorite “Susan” moments:






Any Instagram recommendations for me? Who do I absolutely have to follow?