10 Pole resolutions for 2016

I know resolutions are a highly controversial topic and many feel pressured by their resolutions. Personally, I am a friend of resolutions, because they help me to structure my goals clearly and show me a path how to reach these goals. In my opinion, resolutions are only frustrating when they are unrealistic. Should I, for example, decide to become a contortionist at Cirque du Soleil in 2016, stakes are high that I will probably be very sad this time next year. When I, however, set myself the goal to obtain a proper Jade with a clear split, the probability is already much higher that I will joyfully jump through my studio some time in 2016.

In What about your New Year’s resolutions? I have written an entire article on how to set your goals correctly in order to gain great results

Now 10 Pole resolutions for the new year that actually everyone should have.

  1. I will love and respect my body. I will love my body big or skinny, wiry or curvy, tall or little. I will love the knees, which are always a bit too podgy, the butt, which is always a bit too big, the breasts, which are always a bit too small, the shoulders, which are always a little too wide and the nose, which somehow is always too big. I will love myself just as I am and I will accept the things about my body over which I have no control. I will also encourage others to love themselves just as they are.
  2. I will respect my body and I will thank him for the things that he allows me to do. ALL the things. I will be grateful for the one pushup that I am able to do and for the Handspring. I will accept bad training and will be compassionate and understanding with my body. I will not get crazy when I am not as bendy, strong and delicate during one training session. I will accept that there will always be better and worse days of training. I will, however, always be grateful for my body.
  3. I will take care of my body. Without my body, I cannot do anything. Therefore, I will make sure to properly warm up before a training session and to reward my body with a good cool down. I will eat healthy and balanced. I will allow my body breaks and rest. I will listen to my body when he is tired, aching or signals weakness.
  4. I will stay true to myself and my Pole style. I will not let myself be influenced so that I lose myself and pursue something that I am not. I will believe in my style and will not perceive it as less beautiful or less demanding than others.
  5. I won’t define myself through my number of tricks. The number of Pole tricks that I or anyone else masters says nothing about the quality of the Pole training. I won’t force my body to do crazy tricks, for which he is not ready yet. I will train at a pace that is appropriate for my body.
  6. I will focus on my strengths. I have strengths and weaknesses because I am a unique person with individual talents, traits, desires, and skills. I will not focus exclusively on what I have not yet reached and solemnly work on this. I will neutralize my weaknesses so that they do not endanger me and I will promote my strengths.
  7. I will accept that most success takes time and happens in a lengthy process that can go on for weeks, months or years. I won’t expect quick results and I will recognize that I will be working on things for a long time without getting any credit. I will also accept that things never go according to plan, that I might get sick, injured, feel weak and skip training sessions or even take a break and stop training altogether. That is ok.
  8. I won’t look after others. I won’t drive myself mad when someone else achieves things quicker than myself and I won’t compare myself to others through their social media posts. Neither Instagram nor Facebook really capture how hard people worked for being where you are admiring them today. I won’t feel jealous of anyone, but rejoice with those who have achieved something. I am pleased that I will be at this point soon, too.
  9. I will respect everyone. I have respect for every Pole dancer, no matter at what level she is, whether male/female, big or thin, whether dancing or sport-ing. We all work very hard on what we do and for that we all deserve respect.
  10. I will remember that Pole should bring me joy and reduce my stress. I will set goals that are realistic and that I can achieve. I won’t look at what others have already achieved, but I will be happy where I am and where I have fun. I will remember why I started Pole and of what I have dreamed of back then.

What are your Pole resolutions for the new year?