Pole Theatre Greece – My favorites

Part of Greek Pole Camp was the visit of Pole Theatre Greece. The Pole theatre was invented by Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle and there are now 14 Pole Theatres around the world. The Pole Theatre distinguishes between the Amateur, Semi-Professional, and Professional Division. In each division, there are four categories Pole Art, Pole Comedy, Pole Drama, and Pole Classique.

This was my first time at a Pole Theatre and I have been looking forward to it for quite a while. I prefer the Pole Theatre over other Championships because here the story is in the foreground and not the tricks. Each Pole performance in Pole Theatre has a theme and the participants neither save on their costumes nor their props (I think I counted up to 8 people on stage once). The regulations within each category are also relatively loose so that each participant has enough freedom to create a unique performance. The jury, this time, were Marlo Fisken, Shaina Cruea, Maddie Sparkle, and Marion Crampe.

I was completely overwhelmed by the performances in Pole Theater Greece. There was such an incredible variety of contributions from rhythmic gymnastics, freed TV game characters, drug addiction, domestic violence, sensual fairies, mystical goddesses, to the difference between your outer appearances and inner feelings, slavery, unanswered love, and sexy Mozart / baker / Playboy Bunnies. I have so much respect for every participant, and I sincerely cannot wait to see the final.

Here are my favorite performances (not always the winners) from each category. Make sure to check them out.


Amateur Division

1. Pole Art: Korina Leva 

I first wanted to select Strike a Pose, because I liked their interdisciplinary approach so much and how they mixed Pole Dance and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Besides, I was so happy for them that the ball did not roll away (I was truly nervous for them). Yet, I liked Korina Leva’s performance even a tiny bit better, because she showed so much energy and expression. Each of Korina’s movements were authentically aggressive and at the same time lasciviously. Her choreography perfectly synchronized with the music, and I admire her braveness to be different as a sensual Ninja warrior.


2. Pole Comedy: Mad Company

Mad Company won Pole Comedy and I loved about their performance that you could see how at one point all the stress fell off and they were simply having fun performing.


3. Pole Drama: Marilena Voutopoulo

Malwina GS rightly won this category. I follow Malwina on all social media channels anyways and find her a very inspiring dancer. Malwina’s performance especially touched me because the issue of drug addiction is not only risky but she also managed to mediate it authentically without being kitsch. Nevertheless, I think that you should definitely watch Marilena’s performance, too. She plays a dangerous hybrid which frees itself from its cocoon and learns to fly. I love her costume, as well as her acting.


4. Pole Classique: Constantina Georgiou

This category was won by Aleksandra Karolina, who has really done a wonderful choreography as a sensual fairy. I found, however, the performance of Constantina Georgiou thematically more interesting. She played two egos, her shy and her liberated one.


Professional Division

1. Pole Art: Melina

The performance of Melina really got under my skin, and it has absolutely rightly won the Pole Art category. Melina’s contribution was not only extremely beautiful but also exceptionally expressive and emotional. I especially liked how every move flowed into the other. There was not a single break in the entire choreography.


2. Pole Comedy: Lila

Lila might have had the easiest part in Pole Theatre Greece, because she was the only competitor in her category and therefore (unsurprisingly) won. Nevertheless, I really liked what she did and she was one of the few to get a big laugh from the theatre.


3. Pole Drama: Violaine Richard

If you have watched the Pole Theater live stream to the end, you know who Yiury Kazachkin & Valeria Poklonskaya are anyways. They are the ones who got 99% of all women in the theatre totally freaking out (of course, because of the performance and in no way only because of Yiury’s abs). Both have righteously won Pole Theatre Greece, but you should neither miss Violaine Richard’s performance. Violaine enacts a bird who throws herself in front of a bullet to save someone else’s life. I absolutely love the concept with the black color and, of course, her Pole performance was breathtaking, too. I would give a lot for her flexibility.


4. Pole Classique: Chiara Salvade

Chiara did not win Pole Classique, but she was my absolute favorite in this category. I liked how she appeared as a nun and threw off  her gown to Madonna music. However, I liked most Chiara’s facial expression. During earlier workshops, Shimmy had preached that one needs to practice a facial expression just like every other part of the routine. Chiara was one of the few participants who had a lively facial expression. Agreeing with Shimmy, I must admit that this makes a colossal difference and positively effects the overall performance.

Did you follow Pole Theatre Greece through the live stream? Who were your favorite performances and why? What do you care about most during a performance?