I am absolutely crazy about Sophia Amoruso‘s podcast Girlboss. Each week, Sophia interviews different women who have founded large, successful companies and who today are their own boss. I love to listen to these strong and emancipated women and to learn what they have experienced on their path, how they have managed to come so far, what inspires and what motivates them. The women tell what was difficult to them, what worked well, and where they are taking their strength and courage from. Girlboss is often humorous and encourages me with each episode to stand up for myself and make my own way.

One of my favorite moments during the podcast is when Sophia or the interviewers nominate their Girlboss moment of the week. A Girlboss moment can be anything that makes you feel like you are owning your life. This could be finally getting your dream job, such as extending your lunch break, because you deserve it. I love the idea of naming moments that make us proud of ourselves. Often I have the feeling that I have very little of my life under control and that it is rather running me then me actually navigating anything. Picking a Girlboss moment helps me to set things back into perspective and to shift the focus on positivity.

However, instead of picking a Girlboss moment, I prefer to tell you about my #polebossmoment of the week. So Tuesday night normally is my holy training time, a very rare instance since I started a new job. Yet, this Tuesday the weather was super hot and humid and I thought the whole day about whether skipping the session or not. When it finally was time to train, I filled up a huge bottle of water, installed the fan directly in front of my Pole and Pole Danced like a boss ;).

What was your polebossmoment of the week? Have you been practicing a trick for a long time and it finally worked out? Did your new Pole outfit finally arrive and you look hotter than Maddie Sparkle? Tell me about your #polebossmoment in the comment section or tag me on your pictures on Instagram – I am curious to hear from you.

Ps. By the way, this is my favorite episode …