Pole Camp Germany & a realization

Yesterday in the evening, I came back home from the first German Pole camp at the Baltic Sea. I had planned this Pole Camp together with Stefanie from Pole Sport Studio Berlin for almost over a year, and I cannot grasp how quickly everything was over again. It makes me almost nostalgic when I think of the countless times that we traveled to test the room and the hotel, of how long we have been looking forward to meet the participants, Elizabeth Munoz, and Yvonne Haug.

In my eyes, the Pole Camp was a great success. I barely Pole danced, but in the meantime I ate as if I were training for a sumo career, had long walks at the beach, sweat in the sauna, and relaxed in the jacuzzi. Well, and to be completely honest, I also frequented the hotel bar a couple of times, but only to be social and to spend time with the participants (of course) ;).

During the welcoming session, where everyone introduced themselves, one girl said something that touched me and also gave me quite some food for thought. She mentioned that she had also come to the Pole Camp to meet some other Pole Dancers from the German Pole community. This is such a lovely reason and I, unfortunately, have to admit that I neither am particularly involved with the Pole athletes in my immediate environment. We follow our biggest idols on all social media channels, we adore Natasha Wang, Yvonne Smink, and Marion Crampe and yet we hardly know all the girls from our own studio.

This is a shame in several ways and therefore I decide to get more involved in my direct Pole community. Look out, girls, for I will follow you and then I will cheer for and congratulate you to every little pirouette that you do. You deserve the attention anyways.

So, all the best Pole wishes to all the strong women out there.

What have you been up to this weekend? Did I miss something?

PS. Come and have a look at our Pole Camp Website, if you like.