How to get some Pole’spiration

Do you sometimes feel like you have done this move already 100 times and you would need something new for your Pole training? Then it is about time for some Pole’spiration.

Today, I reveal my top tricks to get some true Pole’spiration.

  1. vary your instructors

Your Pole Studio, of course, is always the best place to gather Pole’spiration. However, you can receive great new input by varying your instructors or by going to different classes from time to time. All instructors have different backgrounds. Perhaps they have learned in different studios, perhaps they have a dance, yoga or gymnastics background. Each instructor has an individual style and each instructor structures their classes differently. Therefore, trying out a new instructor may give you a whole new perspective on a really old trick. And try out that floorwork class, for example, even though you usually focus on strength training. You do not know what you might miss.

  1. start to train with Pole friends who are better than you

It is the old inner conflict that we all still know from our sports class in school. If you choose a sprint partner that is better than you, everybody will see you running behind and (embarrassingly) only finish second. However, often, you will also result with a better time and thus, a better grade. Yet, if you choose an equally good sprint partner, you might finish first, but usually also run a little slower than your best time and your grade will be not as good. The question, therefore, is: Improvement or Ego?

My point is that we often tend to stay with people only that are our level or a little bit beneath us, because our Ego would feel bad otherwise. There is nothing wrong in training with whatever level people, I am just pointing out that you can gather some good Pole’spiration if you also start training with people that are better than you. Give your Ego a little break. Your pride might make you miss valuable input. 

  1. Use your vacation

It is not about not interrupting your training. We need some true ‘do nothing’ vacation sometimes. But, as Natasha Wang said, Pole styles differ from country to country. I, for example, got a lot valuable Pole’spiration from my Erasmus semester in England. I have not only learned new tricks there but I have also received a different perspective on already known tricks. My english Pole-mates, for instance, dance much more sensual than I had known before.  So, in case, you go on vacation and stay close to a Pole Studio, take the chance and stop by.

  1. Instagram is better than Facebook

Instagram is a real gold mine in terms of Pole’spiration. Both professionals and amateurs post photos and videos of their latest tricks and combinations. It is a land of milk and honey and you only have to pick whatever Pole’spiration you like. Instagram is better than Facebook because it is limited to videos and pictures. This spares you, in this case, to dig through text posts.

At this point, I want to emphasize again that you can also learn a lot from professional posts. Do not shun them, because you may not be able to do the tricks. It does not matter if the only Pole’spiration you are taking from it is a body posture, an arm movement or a transition. It still is a Pole’spiration and it will be valuable for your own training anyhow.

Oona Kivela, by the way, is one of my favorite Instagram accounts. She posts many training videos that are easily accessible and from which you can always take interesting elements.

  1. Have a look at online lessons

You do not have a studio nearby or no matching Pole partner? Did you know that many Pole teaching already takes place online? Online lessons are a great opportunity to get Pole’spiration from people all around the globe. Many Pole professionals also offer individual videos in which they hold a class with a specific topic, like a workshop.  Take a look at the website of your favorite Pole Dancer and maybe you are lucky and they offer classes.

A few of my favorite channels are for example UPA TV – this contains a couple of Pole online channels and there are always good discounts; Flow Movement by Marlo Fisken or Body + Pole TV – they offer video bundles from varying instructors.

  1. Get out of the ‘Box’

Pole’spiration arises not only when you are dealing with Pole. Exit your comfort zone and try out other sports. Maybe you live close to a school of artists and get inspired by acrobatic moves; maybe a yoga, calisthenics or dance lesson offers some true inspiration. Just have a look around. I am convinced that one can draw Pole’spiration from many different areas in life when one is only open and receptive. I have already drawn some great inspiration even from movies.

  1. Pole Bible

I am actually not a fan of sports books. In my opinion, books seem too rigid and inflexible for a field in which opinions are changed on a daily basis. Yet, a good book for Pole’spiration is the Pole Bible by Spin City. The book gives a good overview of various, existing Pole tricks and it offers great space to add notes of your own training. In addition, the photos, among others, include Bendy Kate and Lisette Krol (aah-crush).

  1. Workshops inspire you forever

Many do not take workshops because they are too expensive. This is true, but they are also one of my top Pole’spiration sources and I have never regretted my investment in any of them so far. Workshops give you the opportunity to learn from those who ‘dance’ at the top (where we would be back at my second point: train with Pole people better than you). From each workshop that I have visited, I have collected Pole’spiration that has accompanied me significantly in my further training. It may be a step, a grip, a pirouette – but you will probably learn it in a way that you have never thought of it before. Also, point 3: other countries, other styles – plays strongly into my argument here.

  1. Finally, never forgett about YouTube

YouTube is at least as good as Instagram or Facebook. However, it offers you an even better service, as you can search for specific tricks and receive an infinite wealth of amateur videos, guides, and variations. That is almost as good as a direct exchange.

A few of my favorites for Pole’spiration on YouTube are, by the way, Dirdy Birdy, Cleo’s rock n Pole, Foxx Authority  and these amazin 5 Minuten of beautiful spin combo..

I wish you much success!!

Where do you get Pole’spiration? Write a comment to share your best sources or people with us.