In which I finally got ripped and got my Pole power back

2016 has not started very glamorously for me. I had several health-related, long Pole breaks and felt my athletic goals disappearing in a far distance. The first training back on the Pole was awful. My strength was gone, my alignment anyway, and the only thing that came back were black and blue bruises, persistently and extensively.

I felt quite overwhelmed by my situation. In my head, I was still on the Pole level before my breaks and I saved euphemistically tons of Instagram Pole combos that, in reality, I could not do anymore. I wanted my Pole power back as quickly as possible but was idealess of how to structure my training most effectively.

So, I searched a little on the internet and came across Poletrition by Charlotte Robertson and Alex Taylor. Without further ado, I signed up for the 30 days Power Up your Pole program with the hope to become strong again and, of course, even stronger. Poletrition stands for Pole and Nutrition and helps you, by changing your diet and providing targeted Fitness/Pole exercises, to become as strong as, well as Charlotte and Alex.

The 30 days Power Up your Pole program is divided into four phases (each phase encompassing a week). However, before I started I had to take a brief fitness test, measure my body and take a picture. The test was unsurprisingly disillusioning and confirmed my decision to participate in the program. This is my pre-program pic:


The first week in the program is all about dramatically reducing the body fat percentage. The meal plan is restrictive, but by no means crazy or undoable. (No, I have not had only one soup per day and eaten only celery). On the contrary, I was very pleasantly surprised that the food list mostly matched the way I eat anyways, so lots of vegetables, healthy fats, proteins, few carbohydrates, no cereals, no industrial sugar. Accordingly, I love the cookbook that is supplied with the program and gathered lots of new inspiration. The exercises are designed to support the fat loss and work on increasing your overall fitness.


Warm Sweet Potatoe Salad

The second week runs under the motto energy. More foods are added to the meal plan and the exercises continually target muscle growth. The fitness/Pole exercises are correspondingly intense and I am surprised at how exhausted certain muscle groups become. Obviously, there are lots of muscles I normally do not engage in my workouts a lot (no wonder Yvonne Smink‘s six-pack looks so much better than mine). I especially loved day 11 I love my cucumber, which is an ode to the virtues of cucumbers. In general, Poletrition delivers interesting additional information about why we should eat or not eat this or that. I learned plenty about the benefits of certain foods and which old eating habits could easily be replaced by healthier ones. Of course, I was very enthusiastic about the chillax workout on day 14 (Poletrition does not promise to conquer your weaker self).


Pole Pull Up (Part of the Strengthening Program)

During the third week, Poletrition throws a closer look at the factors of a healthy lifestyle. Their point is to optimize your performance by paying attention not only to the workouts and nutrition but also to your water intake, sleep rhythm, positive thinking patterns, breathing and various modes of motion. I am really surprised how holistic the approach by Poletrition is and I am confident that I learn the new information and habits sustainably.


Double Layer Nut Butter Cups

The fourth week reinforces the new habits and gives some tips on how to stick to them in the long run. There are a few last pointers on how to, for example, cheat smarter or why a microwave is an absolute no-go. The fitness test has to be completed again, I take a new photo and re-measure my body.


My body after the workout. If only Easter would not have fallen into the 30 days…

As much as I have enjoyed doing the program, I am also glad that I finished it. My body measurements show a substantial muscle growth, but I have to admit that in general, I have increased my amount of training, so probably not the whole growth can be attributed to the program. What is certain, however, is that I have learned a lot about nutrition, fat loss, muscle increase, and a healthy lifestyle. I feel more capable of controlling how I train and what I eat. The recipes from the cookbook are really great, and I will certainly continue cooking from it.

I recommend the 30 days Power Up your Pole program by Poletrition to everyone who is looking for a well-structured and organized approach that holistically leads to a better Pole performance. All program information are sent via mail. Owning a Pole is not necessary but definitely beneficial. The program costs about ¬£48.


  • holistic program (Pole, Nutrition & Lifestyle)
  • very clear and easy to understand
  • motivational and uplifting
  • various exercises (Fitness, Pole/cardio, strength)
  • delicious and creative recipes
  • many additional information on nutrition

(This blog post was sponsored by Poletrition. I have tested the program myself and I am sincerely convinced by it. All Eat.Pole.Love readers receive a 25% discount on all Poletrition products by entering PT25 at the checkout.)