Raspberry-Almond Smoothie (5)

We are slowly approaching the end of the breakfast Smoothie week and I have to tell you I am almost a little sad. On the way, 100 more smoothie variants popped into my head and I would love to share all of them with you. Well, we are not at the end yet, so there is plenty of time.

As a small interim report, how are you? Do you eat, like me, only Smoothie Bowls for breakfast anymore and how are you doing with it? Are you quickly hungry again? Do you feel energized? Do you miss croissants? I can honestly say that I feel great with this smoothie breakfast. I cannot observe that I am hungry more quickly than after having bread for breakfast. Instead, I feel better, because I imagine that I have done my body something good.

Today, I want to show you another fruity smoothie variation, but more fitting to the season. This raspberry-almond smoothie is rather sour than sweet and regarding the almond butter, I honestly have to hold myself from licking it right of the spoon. I love this smoothie for its nutty creaminess and especially for the simplicity of the ingredients.

This smoothie is the fifth and penultimate of my breakfast smoothie week. You would certainly also like the beetroot-banana smoothie, pear-cinnamon smoothie, chocolate smoothie, or blackberry-coconut smoothie.



For this smoothie I used:

a handful of raspberries
1 banana
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tsp maple syrup or honey
1 glass almond milk
1 tbsp flaxseed

Pour all the ingredients into the mixer and blend well. For some variety change the nut butter from time to time. Chashew butter, for example, is also very delicious in this smoothie


As a topping I used chia seeds, almond slices and walnuts. However, you could also use coconut flakes or raisins. Use whatever you like to have some variety.