An easy peasy trick to do some sports at home

When I started Pole Sport, I quite quickly thought that it would be time to get a Pole on my own. I figured that I could practice much more, advance even quicker and on top save sooooo much money. Oh, if I would just have that Pole on my own, I would probably be a professional already by that time.

When I moved into a new apartment, I finally fulfilled my dream and got a Pole. And there it is – the center of my living room, silvery and shiny, and definitely the most expensive interior accessory I have invested in. Yet, it is almost never used. Every day I pass by my Pole and the guilt inside me increases. I tell myself that tomorrow (definitely tomorrow) I will start to train again. But, today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, something will always occur that keeps me from sticking with my ‘plan’.

As of recently, however, I make use of this simple and effective trick and my Pole gets its appropriate attention again. I officially block my training sessions in my calendar. It sounds so simple, but if you think about it, in 90% of the cases, you plan something, but then you do not take it serious enough, because it is ‘just’ your home training and you postpone it. You would not act the same about your fitness class. So my advice is: treat your training sessions at home with the same level of seriousness, as your classes in external sports locations. I have blocked three training sequences in my phone. This keeps me from planning other activities into these time slots a) because I simply do not forget about them and b) because I forbid myself to do so. Also prepare yourself the whole day for the training sessions, as you would do for your fitness class. Organize all other activities around your blocked time slot.

Some other useful advice for training at home:

  • Make sure that you have enough space. If you have to move furniture before you are even able to start your training session this is an absolute motivation killer. Keep your training sessions at home as easy to carry out, as possible. If you are doing Pole Sports: Put up your Pole in a place where you have enough space to at least do most of the static moves;
  • Try to find a time slot when you are alone. Partner, housemates, children etc. often distract you from your training session. Of course, you have to take what you get, but if there are certain regular times in which you are alone at home, try to use these;
  • Buy videos or books. I prefer to do sport with someone or after someone. This helps you to really do a complete workout session and assures a proper warm up and cools down. It also makes sure that you do not give up too early on exercises (I always need someone to count me through annoying, static moves or I have practically no ambition). A great website of sports videos that you can easily do at home would be for example Codyapp. They have a great range of videos and I had only positive experiences so far;
  • motivate yourself through music. Music is essential in sport;

And just another small advice out of love for our fellows:

  • Take care of the time. I already succeeded in annoying my upstairs and downstairs neighbor, who then collectively stood in front of my door and complained. Are you doing sports here or where does this noise come from, Miss?Noooo way. Of course not. I am very sorry, but I do not know what you are talking about. (Oops).

What is your advice to motivate yourself for some sport at home? Or do you not do sport at home at all?

(Photo via Shape)