This week…

I was mentally still at the German Pole Camp and simultaneously already at the RAD Pole Camp in Greece, where I will go to next Thursday. I am looking forward to Greece so much, I already know now that I will not be able to sleep the night before. Any chance any of you is also going to the camp? It would be so awesome to meet. Otherwise, fortunately, I found some time to do some Pole training and for the first time I have produced a presentable freestyle. Is it just me or is your head also always completely empty if you are supposed to spontaneously do something on the Pole?

I wish you a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful weekend. Best wishes. xxx

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Some days I want to post something on Instagram and I am just totally unhappy about how everything looks. I could scream looking at my unpointed toes and bent knees, my lack of body control, blabla, blabla. I feel a universe away from all the other instagram posts. Today, however, I recorded this video for Training purpose only and love it. It is far from perfect, but I don't care. This was a freestyle and I am kind of proud 😀 (oh and of course this is #marlofisken #flowmovement through and through.) #pole #poledance #poledancer #dance #poledancing #polelove #poledancersofig #poledancersofinstagram #poleaddict #lovepole #polepassion #polecombo #dancing #upsidedown #polefun #unitedbypole

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Which Pole Flow I found even more cool: 


What do you think about this Elbow Grip Aysha to Gemini transition? Super cool! 


Which salad I am loving this summer:

(German recipe, but definitely worth putting into Google translator). I am absolutely loving this warm tomato salad, as it is fruity and light, yet satisfying. I omit the baguette and yet, it is enough to feel full.


What I have been waiting for for ages:

Spin City Doubles Pole Bible

I am a huge fan of the Spin City Pole Bible. This is already the 4th edition and finally Spin City has also released a Pole Doubles Bible. You can find photos of all the major Pole tricks in the Bible and sometimes the tricks are even explained. The Pole Bible is an excellent reference book to get an overview of alle the awesome Pole tricks that exist.


What has helped me a lot:


Image by Lifehack

Lifehack listst 36 Stretches and shows you which muscles are engaged during the stretch. The images are very helpful and can be used to look up specific stretched for certain muscles or to reassure you which muscles should be engaged during which stretch. Very well illustrated.


What I liked: