This week …

… I got back from Greece and still feel the holiday vibes. I got a light tan and this makes me happy every time I look in the mirror. However, I also got my first bad allergic reaction to the sun. Anyone any tips how to survive the itchiness?

What are your plans for the weekend? Have you already booked you summer vacation? I wish you a splendid weekend! xxx

What I have been eating this week: 

Photo by Feasting at Home

I tried this Moussaka in Greece and wanted to have it again back home. Moussaka is basically like a Lasagna (I did not just say that, Greeks), but with eggplants instead of the Lasagna sheets and cinnamon. I have tried this recipe this week and totally loved it. 


What I will include in my strength training from now on:

Aren’t we all training for the Iron-X? Shane Godliman reveals three strengthening exercises that might finally get us closer to our Iron-X dream!


Why I might get a 100 years old:

Have you heard of the Sit-to-Stand Challenge which was quite popular in 2014? A Brazilian study has discovered that your ability to get off the floor without hands is a predictor of longevity. Interesting article and, of course, Marlo shows us some cool ways to get up. 


What I cannot get out of my head:

Apropos Marlo Fisken – She taught some fun breakdance moves to this song during Pole Camp Greece and since then, I cannot get this song out of my head. I am thinking about creating a fun warm-up to it. What do you think?


What I almost bought:

Somehow I completely missed that RAD launched a glittery summer Pole wear collection. Maybe this was luck because regarding glitter I turn into a magpie. I need to own it!