This week …

… went past so quickly. Tonight, I will attend the Midsommar Festival in Berlin to celebrate the summer solstice the Swedish way. On Saturday, I will participate in an Olga Koda workshop and I am really excited. Which workshops did you go to lately? Has anyone inspired you especially?
I wish a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the weather and the free time!

What Olga hopefully will not do with us:


How I have changed my training this week:


What can one do on the Pole when the sciatica hurts and you are actually not allowed to lift heavy with your lower back (so no inverts, no handstands, …)? You have to transform your training motto to Upside Up. Since I only recently returned to the Spinning Pole, this was actually a great challenge for me. I discovered new climbing techniques, shapes, and tricks and let myself be inspired by Nina Reed’s Instagram account where she posts beautiful, yet relatively easy Spinning flows.


What I will try this weekend: 


This splits exercise looks absolutely amazing and I will definitely give it a go this weekend…


What I have been craving this week:

Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream! I have cuddly 30┬░C in my apartment again and I have been craving ice cream the whole week. However, of course, I would love to have it as healthy and beautiful as possible. So I will definitely give #1, #10 & #11 a try. Which ones would you choose?


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