This week…

… I took a workshop with the incredible Sergia Louise Anderson and quite honestly, I could write four pages about how great and inspiring she is, but I will keep it brief – if you can, find her/book a workshop with her – she is simply amazing. Here is a combo that she also taught during the workshop, but, of course, she executes it a million times better:


What made me think:


Beautiful illustration by Yao Xiao via Boredpanda. We should apologize less and say Thank you more often. The argument of the article is that an apology still is about yourself, whereas a simple Thank you pays attention to the other one. If, for example, someone gives you a compliment, do not say Yeah, but sorry, but normally I get the leg a little higher. Just say Thank you. I am glad you like it.


My new cookbook discovery:

My boyfriend and I have used our time in Hamburg to go for a stroll and I discovered this great cookbook in a bookstore. At first, I thought 
Get the Glow by Madeleine Shaw is just another Clean Eating book, by another hip girl that does yoga, but I really love her recipes and the pictures are truly beautiful. I got especially hooked on her breakfast recipes. My boyfriend is already very looking forward to the almond pancakes with caramelized bananas and roasted walnuts!


The craziest Acro Yoga flow that I have seen this week:

Acro Yoga seems to be THE side trend to Pole. We also hosted Acro Yoga classes in our Pole Studio, Sergia Louise does Acro Yoga and you can find many great pictures on Instagram of Polers doing Acro Yoga. But would you try this? 


What you should never look up:

If you love cake, you will be doomed searching #instasweets.


Why I screamed YES:

I always like the articles of, but the post about the 7 phases of an injury has touched me especially. Maybe it is because I was injured several times this year already, maybe it is because the pictures in this post are so funny. I, however, screamed YES reading the article and you really should not miss it. 

via GIPHY & from the post

(Yep, that is me, when I finally accepted my injury).

Have a great weekend. Lots of Pole love. Xxx


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  1. Nina Friday April 8th, 2016 at 01:10 AM

    Thank you! <3 Almost two years after I started the blog, I still get this weird tingling bubbly feeling when someone shares my stuff.

    Sergia is one of my all time fav polers, and this combo is so pretty! I've also taken a workshop with her, but I want more!

    I am going to subscribe to your posts, so that I don't miss any from now on.

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