This week …

… Nadia Sharif visits us and holds workshops at our Pole studio. After I got to know Nadia at least a bit through the interview, I am now very excited to meet her real. Did you know that Nadia does stunning Pole Doubles?

Otherwise, I am currently obsessed with rhubarb, Sarah Scott’s Off the Pole group on Facebook and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
What are your plans for the weekend? I wish you lots of fun!

Who I have hyped this week:

If you are not following Sarah Scott so far, you should do so quickly. Sarah is not only an incredibly amazing person but also a certified XPert instructor and she shares her extensive Pole & Fitness knowledge on all social media channels. I especially liked her latest video regarding Banded Hip Distraction. In this, Sarah demonstrates exercises with a band that helps you to open up your hips. These assisted stretches help create more ‘space’ in the capsule for synovial fluid allowing more freedom in your movements.  Great fun.

Sarah Scott


What gets my sweet tooth excited:

A rhubarb pannacotta tart? I think I might be in cake paradise. Recipe can be found here.


What has touched me:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie calls herself a Happy African Feminist Who Does Not Hate Men And Who Likes To Wear Lip Gloss And High Heels For Herself And Not For Men. In her book, We Should All be Feminists, which is based on this TED talk, she describes beautifully and sensitively her life in Nigeria and why we should all be feminists. In no way heretical, but definitely eyes opening.


What I have refound:

Some things I am already following for so long that I am always amazed when I ‘come back’ after a longer time, and so much has changed for the better. Darebee is a platform that offers free workouts with funny names, such as Sofa Abs or Valkyrie. The website contains full/upper/lower body, ab, leg or cardio workouts and now also a full range of cool fitness information. There are challenges, 30- or 90-day programs, and advice on how to eat and drink better. The best, however, is, of course, that everything is free. Woho!


What would be a perfect new addition to my sports sweater collection:

I love burgers, I love sports. So why not a sports sweater with burgers? by Asos

Bild 3 von Pull&Bear – Burger Fries – Sweatshirt



  1. Jessica Saturday April 30th, 2016 at 12:48 AM

    kann es sein dass das Video von der Sarah Scott entfernt wurde ? Wenn ich draufklicke steht dort, dass das Video nicht verfügbar ist. Dabei hat mich das Thema so brennend interessiert :D das wäre echt schade wenn es entfernt worden wäre.

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