This week…

… I am finally recovered, fully engaged in training, and occupied with the last organizational details for the Pole Summer Camp. Today, we will leave for the first German Pole Camp at the Baltic Sea. Elizabeth Munoz and Yvonne Haug will hold workshops for four days while I hopefully find enough time for beach & spa. I cannot believe that the baby, that Stefanie and I have worked on so hard for almost a year, finally becomes reality. I will definitely report live from the Camp. By the way, in August there is another Pole camp which is explicitly directed at Pole Dancers of all levels who wish to combine sun and sea with Pole & fun. All information here.

I hope you are heaving great weekend plans. Have an amazing time! xxx


What has put me in a sentimental mood:

Dinner a Love Story

Two women in their 70s reveal some true kitchen wisdom and give advice that makes me think. I will definitely start doing tip #3. 


My favorite Pole combo of the week:


Of course Carlie Hunter is a Badass. Can I do half the tricks she does? Of course not! I love her combo anyways. I admire the slowness and precision of every movement. This combo is truly inspiring. 


What makes my heart pound faster:

This Paleo Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread is sweetened only with bananas for a guiltless treat that tastes just like traditional banana bread! This is easy recipe you'll come back to again and again. This paleo banana bread is also gluten-free, grain free, and sugar-free.

Photo & Recipe by Bakerita

Still looking for some great Paleo breakfast recipes? Here are 41. This banana chocolate bread is by Bakerita and already made it on my grocery list. 


My ‘Guilty’ Pleasure:

Easy Baked Rosemary Beet Chips! Fast, healthy and SO simple #vegan #glutenfree

Photo & Recipe by Minimalistbaker

I love vegetable chips. I mean I LOVE vegetable chips. I need to physically keep myself from adding vegetable chips to every grocery bag. I don’t want to know what will happen when I start making vegetable chips at home, but the recipe looks too good not to try. 


What I am currently reading:

Actually, I don’t like short stories. So far I have always begun to understand the plot/find the plot exciting/like the character just when the story ended. So I will be honest – I actually missed that Self-Help by Lorrie Moore is a short story collection. But I am glad that I overlooked this detail because these stories are the most moving and best I have read in a long time. Self-Help contains nine short stories that tell about women in certain situations. The chapters are called for example How to be an Other Woman (about being the affair), The Kid’s Guide to Divorce (How to get everything from your divorced mother) or Go Like This (about a final cancer diagnosis and the wish to die). The stories are sometimes ironic, funny, sometimes tragic, gloomy, but always deep, and touching. The writing style is unconventional and direct and sooner or later, you will identify with every of these women. 

(This link is an affiliate link and I receive a small commission if you buy the book via this link. Thank you for keeping Eat.Pole.Love running.)