This weekend will be great – Links


It is time for some weekend links again. I wish you two wonderful, relaxing days and a lot of ice cream to cope with all the heat! Xxx

What I am backing at the moment  …

You have not booked any vacations, yet? How about these sporty dream beaches?

You would like to regenerate, but you are having a hard time falling asleep? Here are a few tips 

You know that I love Mindy Kaling. Read her guide to killer confidence

What are your little pleasures?

What I am reading right now …

Do you believe in the meal timing myth?

Mhhhh . Strawberry-Vanilla bean lemonade for those lazy hours on the sunbed

Peanut butter Overnight Oats. Is there a better start to the day?

DIY Salt Spray for beach hair

DIY Cake carrier. Beautiful! 

left over grilled vegetable omelet with feta cheese and pesto sauce