A simple, quick and easy tomato sauce to fall in love with

I find that sometimes the simplest things are the hardest. For example, a simple tomato sauce. A classic tomato sauce for me is one of the hardest things to cook because you can not artificially enhance flavor by exotic spices/meat/fish or other. Instead, you have to take the taste of the tomatoes as it is and maximally underline the aroma. So, to be honest, even if a tomato sauce perhaps sounds like the easiest dish in the world, it rarely works out for me.

Quite the contrary is the tomato sauce of my boyfriend. Cris cooks a tomato sauce that I would drink as a shake or eat for dessert. I did not know for a long time how he did it (and Cris probably neither) since he likes to cook improvisatory. But now I have followed every of his cooking steps and finally copied the recipe. This tomato sauce is super simple, requires only a minimum of ingredients and is perfect for any quick dinner. Frankly, a glass of wine accompanying it and pasta with this tomato sauce will my new favorite dish.


[yumprint-recipe id=’6′]

PS. I have enjoyed this tomato sauce with whole-grain pasta, a bit of parmesan and some basil leaves. Enjoy!