This week …


I want to start a new series in which I want to share much closer what is happening outside of Eat.Pole.Love. In this series, I want to present to you (hopefully on a weekly basis) which new recipes I have found and whether or not they work, which new food blog I have fallen in love with, which interesting article you should not miss and what I am currently training on or simply which great choreographies I have found on the internet, etc. You shall not miss a single of my golden treasures anymore and so, each Friday I will create a small compilation of all the most amazing Eat.Pole.Love relevant things.

I am very excited about this new series and want to start immediately …


What I baked this week:


For the first time, I have ventured to bake a Paleo bread. My boyfriend asked for this already a long time ago, so I tried this flaxseed bread from the cookbook of Paleo 360°. The bread is made of 8!!! made eggs, flaxseed flour, rosemary and sun dried tomatoes. I think this sounds very promising, but the result is rather disappointing. The bread is not bad, but it tastes completely neutral. Nevertheless, the idea of a Paleo bread is stuck to my mind now and I might try adding salt the next time or maybe a couple of sunflower or pumpkin seeds.


My new food blog finding:

Through Pinterest (how could it be different?), I came across this great new food blog, where I will definitely gather some inspiration in the future. Wallflower girl’s Plant-Based Kitchen cooks vegan with Paleo options and has set its focus on ice cream and desserts (OMG!). The blog does not only look beautiful and I also have already added at least three recipes to my Must-Try -list. What do you think about these for example?


What I am training on at the moment:

Unfortunately, I am still far from my old fitness level. I notice the long Pole pause a lot, yet, I have developed a strategy for myself to not completely lose courage: I approach every workout completely undemanding, repeat many old things and feel happy when they become more fluent, cleaner and look nicer. At the end, I might try some new stuff. Also, I have discovered this wonderful free app Regrann which allows you to download Instagram videos to your mobile device. At this, you can watch the videos offline and better practice your favorite choreographies and tricks.

I am still hooked on this wonderful combo by Aerialellie and I train this one with a patience that I actually did not know I even have.  By now, I manage the whole combination, however, unfortunately, not in a way that I would dare to share :) . 

Until then, I train my handstand. Handstand is one of my number one goals for 2016. I dream of achieving a press up handstand already for a looooong time, but this is actually the first time that I continually train for it. 

At the moment, I am also participating in the 30 days online program by Poletrition. (And making this public, I strongly hope that this makes me go through with the program). The program was founded by Charlotte Robertson and Alex Taylor and it includes a nutrition plan and strength exercises. The program sais it gets you lean and strong within 30 days. So far, I find the program quite appealing. Otherwise, I am a bit skeptical towards 30-day programs because they require you to do something every day and I mostly just do not do that. This month, however, I will accept the challenge.

Here is my still untransformed body – I am very curious:


What I am adding to all my smoothies: 

A friend told me about this superfood powder. Baobab is the powdered fruit of the baobab tree and contains a high content of vitamin C, iron, and other nutrients. It also acts well with bowel complaints. Add one tablespoon to your daily smoothie and you are fit to go. You cannot actually taste the powder. It seems to have a bit of a sour taste, but it does not really influence your smoothie. I have added it to all my fruity smoothies so far.

I wish you a wonderful weekend!