This week …

… I attended a class with the wonderful Josh Taylor. For quite some time now I have admired Josh via Facebook whose style reminds me strongly of Shaina Cruea or Marlo Fisken. Josh gave me some very helpful advice regarding flowing movements in Pole and how to transmit the impression of flow. According to Josh, a flowing movement is the controlled energy transfer between two points. It is particularly important that the whole body is under tensions the whole time. I realized that in choreographies I often did not transmit the tensions into my arms and fingers. After Josh’s class, I could pinpoint my problem and work on it.

Here is a beautiful choreography by Josh Taylor and Bailey Hart:


How I started on green smoothies:

I am an absolute smoothie fan, but the idea of drinking spinach for breakfast did not appeal to me. So I have always avoided green smoothies and yet, this week a fresh kale found its way into my fridge.


My sister had recommended this pie and told me how nice and crispy the kale would become and how creamy the eggs and the potatoes would combine. Of course, I wanted to try it. Moreover, Kale is THE vegetable par excellence full of antioxidant vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. So getting on the ‘kale’ train was long overdue. To avoid eating this kale pie every day, I finally gave green smoothies a chance (and added so much fruit that I could not taste anything green anymore) ;).


This smoothie contains 1 banana, 1 apple, 2 leaves of fresh kale, 1 tbsp Chia seeds, a pinch of cinnamon, 1/4 glass almond milk, 1/4 glass water, 1 tsp honey, 1 cup blueberries. Because you really cannot taste the kale anymore, I can recommend this smoothie with good conscious. 


What made me laugh so hard I cried: 

This Yoga parody does not need any further commentary!


What brought me back down to earth:

I admit honestly, I complain a lot. I complain that I have to work so hard on my flexibility. I complain that a Shoulder Mount Deadlift feels still quite exhausting. I complain that the bus succeeds a 20 min delay at 2 am in the night. Then I read the article by Nia Shanks with the significant title Shut up and do something! Nia Shanks tried not to complain for 21 days and was surprised at how difficult it was (would I last a day? – challenge accepted!). We often complain about things that we can not even change and we complain even more often about things that we could change. So Nia Shanks has a great advice: Shut up and do something. Very amusing article, very enlightening.


What I actually should not recommend:

I have lost my heart to energy balls already a while ago – the perfect snack between meals that tastes like sweets and which still suggests that you are doing yourself something good. Energy balls are usually made of nuts, healthy fats, dates, and various super seeds such as flaxseed or chia. Actually, you can make energy balls from everything you like and what appears healthy/energizing to you. But you can also roll up ingredients that are just insanely delicious and turn energy balls into small, devilish pralines. Just as these Snickers Energy Balls for example:


These energy balls taste original like snickers and therefore, they are the beginning of the end. I hate to admit it, but literally every time I go to the kitchen, I eat one of these snickers balls (and I have never had to go to the kitchen so often). You want to try them anyways? Well, do no tell me I did not warn you!

Have an amazing weekend! xxx