This week …

… my compilation is slightly shorter. Thursday and Friday I have gone on a little short trip with my boyfriend to Hamburg. It is wonderful to get out of Berlin from time to time and, of course, to spend some time together, just the two of us. Also, I just love to be a tourist and to discover everything new. The remaining easter holidays I will spend with my family and at this point, I do not want to miss, to wish you a Happy Easter! Do you celebrate Easter at all or does it rather symbolize another occasion to bunch eat chocolate for you?

What I will hang in my kitchen:

I found this beautiful print on the internet and think it is perfect for my kitchen. Not only that the drawings are charming, but how cool is the idea of a recipe as art?

illustrated-recipes-fig-and-goats-cheese-salad-printsCan be bought on Society6 by Felicita Sala.

What is the No. 1 on my have-to-read list:

Already last week I was hooked by the idea of stopping to complain. This is the book to Nia Shank’s article:

(Affiliate link)


What I wanted to train on this week and all I have managed to do:

I always think of you when I have a really lousy training day and nothing seems to work. When each centimeter of my skin hurts and every Pole Trick is an absolute challenge. I think of you and how I write cocky articles with names like: How to overcome bad Pole training. Then, when I am having a bad training session, I am not the least sophisticated, but would just like to punch into the crash mat. However, one cannot write such articles and not stick to it. So I pull myself together (and at the maximum ball my fist a little).

What I wanted to do:


That is all I actually managed to do:


What I ate at least 1000 of:

I finally found a grain-free, Paleo variation of my favorite cupcakes and I baked them at least four times this week. Of course, I myself am my best customer and ate most, but this is just another argument for how good they are, right? Get the recipe here:


Have a great, long weekend! xxx