When you are late for your Pole Class

Hand on heart - all of us have been late for a Pole class at one point or another. I mean there are enough legitimate or non-legitimate reasons why we are late. Public transports did not run properly, there was a traffic jam or [...]

A Handstand Challenge That You Shouldn’t Miss

The perfect Handstand is probably on every Pole Dancer's To-Do list. Cleo's Rock'n'Pole currently runs a two week Handstand Challenge on Instagram that you should not miss. (c) by Cleo's Rock'n'Pole I have participated in the challenge for the first couple of [...]

My quick Morning Ritual

It began the day, I uploaded a picture of my Cup Grip Handspring to Instagram. I had hesitated for a while whether I should really upload the photo and thereby admit that I started training on this Cup Grip Handspring only 3 years into [...]

Pole Theatre Greece – My favorites

Part of Greek Pole Camp was the visit of Pole Theatre Greece. The Pole theatre was invented by Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle and there are now 14 Pole Theatres around the world. The Pole Theatre distinguishes between the Amateur, Semi-Professional, and Professional [...]