Back to my Pole roots in Greece

I looked forward to the RAD Pole Camp in Greece for almost six months. Every time I thought about the fact that I would soon meet many of my biggest Pole idols and get the chance to learn from them, got me jittery [...]

I am off for a few days

I still cannot believe how lucky I am, but this year I gave myself a gigantic gift and signed up for the RAD Pole Camp in Greece. As soon as I saw that Maddie Sparkle, Michelle Shimmy, Marlo Fisken, and Marion Crampe are [...]

Pole Camp Germany & a realization

Yesterday in the evening, I came back home from the first German Pole camp at the Baltic Sea. I had planned this Pole Camp together with Stefanie from Pole Sport Studio Berlin for almost over a year, and I cannot grasp how quickly everything [...]