My Rib Injury and How I Managed to Continue Poling

In June 2015 I was an overenthusiastic pole newbie who believed her muscles were ready to take in anything because she assumed she was strong enough (sounds familiar?). I installed a pole in my room and self-taught myself spin variations, choppers, and inverts, [...]

The black sheep in Pole – the warm-up

The warm-up, closely followed by the Cool Down, seems the most annoying part of a Pole class. As a Pole newbie, I always thought warm-ups were invented by my instructor to get us so tired that we are less work for the rest [...]

Thoughts on my butt + a Giveaway

It is not easy for our butt. Usually, the butt is the least favorite body part and cause for great criticism and annoyance. A few years ago the butt was supposed to be as small and flat as possible; best non-existent. Then, Kim [...]