My Pole life in Tricks

What is your favorite Pole Trick? What is your Nemesis Pole Trick? What did you have to practice forever? Which trick were you especially proud of when you finally achieved it? Our Pole journeys are drawn by endless hours of training and on [...]

How to get most out of your Pole Workshop

Pole workshops are great. They offer a unique opportunity to meet the greatest of the Pole world, to gather new impressions, influences, and inspirations. You can finally meet your more or less secret Pole crush in real and ask your Pole role models [...]

Meet … Nadia Sharif

If I would have to describe Nadia Sharif in two words, I would think 'fun' and 'wild'. And I do not even know her personally. Nadia's choreographies always seem so easy and she looks as if she is having the most fun on [...]