Gift Guide for the Pole Dancer who always trains hard and only shows her soft spot when dancing to Beyoncé

The Primal Snack Box by Perfectly Paleo, because it contains only healthy and delicious snacks and you never treat yourself to anything (£ 12.99).

Trigger Point Foam Roller

The Trigger Point Foamroller saves us a lot of money on massages and comes perfectly in handy when watching Love Actually on television for the 10th time ($ 35,99).

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Do we need more than Poles, wine and cats? No. So please give us these amazing leggings ($ 72).

the green kitchen

We can never have enough beautiful cookbooks. The Green Kitchen emerged from the wonderful food blog GreenKitchenStories and does not only satisfy the health-conscious Pole dancer ($ 23,78).


The training success is directly dependent on good music. With the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mini Speaker II nothing can go wrong ($ 199,95).

Lois Greenfield_1

You should always have your goals visually in mind. Lois Greenfield shows us in his photography book Moving Still where we definitely want to get to. Also very suitable on the coffee table to impress visitors ($ 34,49).

WMF Kultmix + Go

Because the perfect day has to begin with a fresh smoothie. The WMF KULT X Mix Go even fills it into the bottle for you (€ 34,93).

Lush Creation

First Snow glittery Body Powder by Lush leaves your skin scented like sweet orange and lime and who does not like a little sparkle ($ 6,95)? Also this Christmassy Santa Lip Scrub that tastes of cola, because Lush is always a bit too expensive and therefore perfect to receive as a gift ($ 8,95).

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Phoenix in French Midnight Top by SuperFlyHoney Wear, because it makes us feel like a ballerina on the Pole (AU$ 119).

These Caveman Cookies do not only look amazing, but also I had to many cookies said no one ever (£ 4.99)


Bendy Body

The Bendy Body DVD by Kristina Nekyia, because healthy strechting is not only important but also makes us happy ($ 25).

What did you always want to have for your perfect Pole Christmas?