This weekend will be great – Links

What are your plans for this weekend? I will go rope-climbing which I have not done for ages and I am very excited to see how that goes. On the one hand, I am very looking forward to it, on the other hand, I am a little afraid that in any inconvenient moment my slight fear of heights may kick in. Last time, I managed to hook a role wrongly which was supposed to drive me down a slanted taut rope. I got stuck in the middle and it took an eternity (at least in my mind) until someone came and helped me out of this. I definitely had more graceful moments in my life.

Here are my favorites straight off the internet for you:

I would love to go on vacation in one of these cute little houses.

5 tips for landing the job after the interview.

Mhhh. Food in art. I love the painting by Juan Carlos Rivero-Cintra, Memories as Metaphors No. 11.

Would you dare to wear short hair? Here is a simple trick of how to find out whether it suits you or not.

handcolored photographs and how you do it. It looks amazing.

How band names would look if they were interpreted literally. Haha. Limp Bizkit is sooo cute.

I would wear this dress all summer long.

The easiest way to tell when your steak is done. (No, it is not the one where you poke into your hand.)

watermelon ice cubes. It is such a nice, simple and obvious idea.

Amazing. How to throw a mini party.

If you would like to do some summer shopping:

Anthropologie offers 20% on all dresses until the end of May.

Zarahome bedding is on offer.

Have a good one. Xxx