Have you heard of this green lipstick?

By chance, I have been given this green lipstick. At first I thought that Halloween has passed quite long ago, but the color of the lipstick changes to red when you apply it.


This lipstick is from henna and changes the color when getting in contact with the lips. The pH-number of your skin defines the color and green turns red or pink. Also, the color looks different on everyone and I even found that the color changes from day to day. Sometimes the lipstick is slightly red, other times it is a little more pinkish. The texture of the lipstick is creamy, like a lip balm, and stays very well.

The color is not particularly strong, but due to the creamy texture, I’ll use the lipstick like a toned lip balm. An advantage is that the lipstick does not leave red spots on glasses or the like.

I find this lipstick a pretty funny idea. For a serious makeup, however, I’ll still prefer to use one of my classics.

That is how the lipstick looks on me:

K640_nahes Porträt

If you want to try the lipstick, you can purchase it for example at Amazon.

Ikos denkender Lippenstift: Je nach Stimmung verändert sich die Farbe “grün/nachtrosa”

What do you think about this lipstick? Would you wear it?