I am off for a few days

I still cannot believe how lucky I am, but this year I gave myself a gigantic gift and signed up for the RAD Pole Camp in Greece. As soon as I saw that Maddie Sparkle, Michelle Shimmy, Marlo Fisken, and Marion Crampe are holding workshops in Greece, I practically withdrew all the money from my bank account and transferred it to RAD. Of course, only after my poor fan heart had recovered and overcome the brief attack.

So I will be away for a few days and, unfortunately, during this time, I will not be able to answer your emails, comments, requests, or other issues. I will, however, keep you up to date what I am up to via Instagram.

Here are a few posts that might interest you until I return.



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Nadia Sharif

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Talk to you soon. Best Pole wishes through the Internet.