Pole Fusion Festival

There are some Pole Events every enthusiastic Pole Dancer should try to attend at least once in their life. This includes, at least in my opinion, the Pole Theatre in the UK, the Pole Expo in Las Vegas, one of the many wonderful summer Pole camps and definitely the Pole Fusion Festival in Belgium.

I came across the Pole Fusion Festival by chance and I was immediately convinced by its unique concept and line-up.  The Pole Fusion Festival was brought into life by Sarah Cavenaile, the founder of SarahCademy. The approach of Pole Fusion Festival is the mixing of different disciplines and the promotion of all forms of dance and performing arts. Fusion describes the jointing of theater, dance and circus styles into perfect stage shows.

Pole Fusion Festival, © Guy Dubreucq

I see pole dance as a real performing art, a way to express a personal vision… and not just like a gymnastic discipline. So I am trying to communicate that to the audience in my own performances, in the shows I am directing and in my pole classes by encouraging also the theatrical expression in all levels.

-Sarah Cavenaile

The festival touches me especially as it completely corresponds with my definition of Pole Dance. Most of the time, Pole performances are really focused on the execution of Pole tricks, spins and floorwork. At the Pole Fusion Festival, we want to give dancers the opportunity to express also their other talents and to see how creatively they can mix them with the Pole. The Pole Fusion Festival supports Pole dancers as holistic artists who stand out with their interdisciplinary performances.

Pole Fusion Festival, © Stan Arte

Pole Fusion Festival, © Stan Arte

The festival takes place for the second time from December 12 to 15 and offers three shows, an international Pole competition, various workshops, as well as a Pole Jam. More details about the program can be found here.

In the jury are Phoenix Kazree, Joy Sevinc Gurmen, Sophie Granjon, Sarah Cavenaile, Vane Lunatica, Pierre-Olivier Ferry and Yvonne Smink. Many of these artists also give workshops on the Pole Fusion Festival. Again, you can find more information on the website.

Tickets cost from €29,90 to 49,90. Buy them here.

(Photo: Pole Fusion Festival, © Guy Dubreucq)