Why you should spend Valentine’s Day with your Pole for a change

While some spend a romantic Valentine’s Day as a couple, others might concentrate on surviving the day. Even though I usually like to celebrate my relationship (it’s keeping it fresh, isn’t it?), Valentine’s day puts couples usually under more pressure than it does any good. There are plenty of reasons to love or hate Valentine’s day, but I know an infallible way to have a terrific Valentine’s Day:

spend it with your Pole!

3 reasons why you will have a perfect Valentine’s day when your date is the Pole.

  1. You have the studio for yourself

Let’s be honest, the studio will probably be deserted. But if you have to decide between an overpriced restaurant visit jammed between hundreds of foreign and noisy people and a quiet evening, just you and the Pole, what would you choose? Of course the Pole. Let us rather set some ‘romantic’ light, turn on our favorite song, and Pole Dance like crazy. Feeling balanced and happy is definitely better for our body, soul and relationship, am I right?

  1. Abs instead of chocolate

I normally do not buy any candy, but now and then you get some as a gift and I find nothing worse than throwing away food. Then, I heavy-heartedly eat all these chocolate Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses and feel more than guilty. Let us avoid this ‘finishing up on all these chocolate hearts’-stress and rather have a bad ass Pole session with some sexy abs as a reward.

  1. It will definitely be good

New Years and Valentine’s Day are my No. 1 days of horror. Usually, one feels stressed out for months when desperately trying to coordinate a party when and how with friends and partner. In the end, however, the day seems to be over in less than 5 min without being outstandingly impressive or great. This could definitely not happen at the Pole because Pole Training = happiness, right? And at least one memorable photo is definitely in there too.

Enjoy your Valentine’s day on Sunday, my lovelies, and tag me on your Valentine’s day Pole pictures.