Sugar tax – what are your thoughts?

Today I saw an interesting post by Sarah Wilson on Instagram where she promotes the introduction of a sugar tax in Australia.


2014 a sugar tax was introduced in Mexico, which makes drinks with a high sugar content about 10% more expensive. Mexico has become the ‘largest’ country in the world, with 70% of all Mexicans being considered overweight and 32.8% even obese. Researchers examined the effects of the tax introduction in 6,200 Mexican households and over a period of 12 months. They found that within a year the consumption of sugary drinks decreased by 12% and in poorer households even by 17% ¹.

Now many governments consider following the example of Mexico and introducing a sugar tax, too. Yet, there are also many opponents to a sugar tax. Some of Sarah Wilson’s followers for instance comment that they already pay enough taxes and that they are not willing to pay another one. Others feel patronized in their lifestyle by a sugar tax and remark that a tax does not solve the lack of information regarding a healthy lifestyle. Others again are skeptical that the government would not re-invest the tax revenues in the health care system. Another fear is the loss of jobs in the soft drinks producing industry.

What are your thoughts about that? Do you think a sugar tax makes sense or are you rather against it? Do have any other ideas how to reduce the sugar intake and to better inform especially children or young people?

A very interesting article which draws a closer look at the pro and contra arguments is published on Economicshelp.

Here are my ideas on how to consume less sugar.

¹All figures by the Telegraph.