This week …

… it has finally become really springlike in Berlin. The sun is shining, the air is changing, and it is so warm that I have quite euphemistically put away my winter coats. I immediately crave huge fruit salads, summer playlists, and flowery dresses. Also, I can finally go by bike everywhere and everything feels just lighter and better. What is the first thing that you do in spring?

How I relax …

I am a big  Yoga fan and have liked it already before I started with Pole sport. I like the idea of a sport that makes you strong and flexible, but also connects you with your body and teaches you to rest in yourself. (So, basically Pole, but Yoga :) ). By chance, I found Tara Stiles who is a former model and who showed exercises against back pain to her colleagues and then found to Yoga. There are countless Yoga videos of Tara on YouTube, containing everything from beginner to stretching and power flows. I like Tara’s voice, which is ultimately important when one is spoken through a video and that her style is not spiritual. Whenever I, therefore, feel like doing some Yoga or feel stressed and the need to find to myself again, I watch one of her videos. Here is a hip & back flow that you can certainly appreciate.


PS. If you need more relaxation, here is a cool meditation program!


How I briefly became a starred chef …

Some time ago, I listened to a truly inspiring broadcast with the starred chef Marco Müller on Radioeins. Once a week, Marco Müller cooks a meal for the radio host and tells the audience a bit about the ingredients and cooking methods (my application for the job of the radio host is already pending). This show was about the first greens, so greens that already started growing in Germany (wild garlic, chives, etc.) and which Marco now processed in his kitchen. I was particularly impressed when Marco spoke of an aromatic trout and said that everyone can pour a pint of lemon juice on his fish, but that he would rather refer to a natural acid in this case and therefore used common wood-sorrel. (Woah, kitchen fan moment). You could listen to the broadcast here, but it is in German only.

Feeling very inspired by Marco Müller, I cycled with my grandma to the Botanic park in Berlin to gather wild garlic and create my own green kitchen. I like the idea that I have collected my own food. This seems very pristine and natural to me and I imagine that I am doing myself something particularly good. Anyways, from our yield I have made some wild garlic pesto and as a few leaves are left over, I will also try a wild garlic soup. (Any great recipe suggestions up your sleeves?)

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Wild garlic Pesto. #homemade #food #healthy #pesto

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My absolute favorite scrub …

I have discovered an absolutely unearthly great face scrub by Lush which you should definitely try. It is hard to believe, but literally every time I use the scrub, it makes me laugh, because – hold on tight – it smells like popcorn. Let the good times roll smells exactly like popcorn with melted butter on a cozy movie night with friends. Not disgustingly sweet, but warm and natural. The scrub is for the face and contains, among others cornmeal, polenta, corn oil, as well as cinnamon and real popcorn. The peeling is initially a solid mass, but can be used easily by adding water. The face feels wonderfully soft and smooth after the peeling. This peeling has saved already a couple of my morning, for what could go wrong on a day that starts with your shower smelling like warm popcorn?


Let the Good Times Roll (Gesichts- und Körperreiniger)



Why I will participate in Pole challenges in the future:

I have found that I have made a big mistake. So far, I have avoided challenges of all kinds. Last year in January, I had joined a Handstand challenge, but already was so far behind on day 15 that I dropped our feeling quite demotivated. Challenges pressure me. I do not have time each day to do a Pole trick, to stretch or to shoot a crazy selfie, and I do not want to commit myself and then feeling guilty all the time. So I have only observed Cleo’s Rock’n’Pole Ninja Challenge with interest, but did not participate. A fatal error! For 28 days Cleo the Hurricane posted exercises that her followers should perform and then upload their videos to Instagram. Almost every follower embedded the Ninja tricks in mini-choreographies and added their personal style. I was completely overwhelmed by the immense trick and choreography treasure that can be found under #crnpninjas. An infinite repertoire of Pole videos that have been filmed by Pole peers like you and me and from which we can learn so much. I have already spent several hours admiring all the videos from this feed and in the future I might consider participating in a challenge again. Here is my little Ninja Video:



My favorite summer stretching playlist:

I am a little peculiar when it comes to stretching. The mood has to fit, I need to feel relaxed and positive. The album Declaration of Dependence by Kings of Convenience is currently my absolute favorite stretching companion. The music is quiet, but somehow cheerful and summery. I hope that you like it as much as I do. Enjoy stretching.

Have an amazing weekend. Enjoy the Spring and happy Pole-ing! xxx